Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystery We Write Blog Tour Starts Now!

Twelve mystery writers and moi begin our BLOG SWAP tour today. My blog will appear this Thursday morning and feature Mary Martinez, mystery writer extraordinaire. I’m interviewing Mary, so you will learn all about this interesting woman.
My article BIRTHING A BOOK IS HARD WORK, is on Sharon Ervin’s Blog today! Check it out and learn of my struggles in producing a mystery series (plus other miscellaneous nonsense about me.) Sharon Ervin, who mostly writes mysteries, contributed to our first Foxy Hen book, CHIK~LIT FOR FOXY HENS—stories for women of a certain age.
For a blast to the past, below is a picture of Peggy Fielding (L) and Sharon Ervin (R) at a signing in 2006.

Stay tuned for this most interesting tour of Mystery Writers.



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