Saturday, December 10, 2011


For 2 weeks I’ve kept a list of the names of readers who have left comments during our MURDER WE WRITE WINTER BLOG TOUR. These were written each day on the small pieces of paper that I recycled from old-draft copies of my work-in-progress. (THE CORPSE WHO WALKED IN THE DOOR)

I’m huge on recycling, having developed the habit way before it became trendy. My mother was a single parent school teacher with 3 kids, and we used old bread wrappers (waxed paper back then) to wrap our sandwiches for school sack lunches. But I digress…

On our 14 days of posts, I told you that the names were going into my black fedora. And so they did. But this morning, small squares of folded papers were spilling out of that hat onto my dining room table. So I had to switch every name to the biggest basket I own.
My Fedora Runneth Over
This basket was handmade by a weaver in the Upper East region of Ghana, West Africa called Bolgatanga. These lovely and practical works of art are marketed by Bolga Baskets International, and are often the sole income for these families. If you love beautiful things, or need a special Christmas gift, check them out:

But back to my winners!

I said I was going to give away two books, one copy of THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE and one copy of FOXY STATEHOOD HENS AND MURDER MOST FOWL!


In the spirit of Christmas I’m doubling that number. Here are the winners:

INCONVENIENT CORPSE, Carol-Lynn Rossel and Lynn Somerville.

FOXY STATEHOOD HENS AND MURDER MOST FOWL: Silvia Dickey Smith and Caroline Clemmons.

Congratulations to these winners. Would each of you contact me personally by email and send me your mailing addresses.

And a huge THANK YOU to each person who left a comment. I hope your holidays are wonderful.

Hugs to all,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jackie on having so many comments you had to use a bigger container. Yay! We are like the old(ish) country song, "I Was Country Before Country Was Cool", except we were Recycling before Recycling was cool. Congratulations to your winners. ~Nita

Anne K. Albert said...

Jackie, what a lovely final post to wrap up the second 2011 Mystery We Write Blog Tour. That basket is a work of you!

I'm so glad to rub shoulders with you, and am looking forward to finally having some time to read. An Inconvenient Corpse is #1 on my TBR list!

Hugs, and happy writing!

M.M. Gornell said...

It's been grand!


Cozy in Texas said...

Congrats to the winners. I met Sylvia Dickey Smith at a workshop in Weatherford this year. She writes wonderful books too.

Jackie King said...

Nita, Thanks for your fun reply. Loved your comparison to the country song. And thanks for stopping by.

Jackie King said...

Thanks so much Anne, for your comments AND for everything you've done for us.

I'm glad you liked my basket. I bought it to bring home things from Sam's, but I actually just enjoy looking at it.
Warmest regards,

Jackie King said...

Madeline, Indeed it has!

Jackie King said...

Ann, I knew that Sylvia was a Texan and a writer, she lives in Austin, I believe. So many new friends online that I'd like to meet in person, including you.